About the website

Rioplatofonía is a blog about Rioplatense Spanish or español rioplatense. The idea behind this website is to share some information and useful tips about this special variety of Spanish spoken in the River Plate area, both in Argentina and in Uruguay. On this website you will then find typical vocabulary used by rioplatófonos, common expressions and sayings, pronunciation tips and cultural information as well.

Feel free to make all the comments you want!

  • Hold on a second… What does “rioplatofonía” mean and why can’t I find it in my dictionary?

Rioplatofonía” is a new word that I came up with to describe the community of people who speak castellano/español rioplatense. Even though Rioplatense Spanish is seen as a specific variety of the Spanish language, I wanted to use a term that gathers all rioplatófonos around the world. Yes, I also came up with the word “rioplatófono“, which means “someone who speaks Rioplatense Spanish” (not necessarily as a native language). It works just like other words you may already be familiar with, such as “anglophone” or “francophone”.

So, yeah. If you can say some things in Spanish adopting some special features of this linguistic variety, you can now use this word to describe yourself. How cool is that? 🙂

Welcome to this site, fellow rioplatófono, and have yourself un rico mate con espumita while you read these pages!



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